WINTER WORKSHOP (dates to be announced)

  • 7 classes (usually one every three weeks)
  • 7 participants max
  • $475
  • If you'd like to be contacted about dates send me an email.
  • All classes take place in the Upper West Side.





  • Three one on one meetings.
  • The first meeting is a half hour long. We'll discuss your current work and goals.  At this meeting you will submit one full length play, screenplay, or work in progress.    
  • The second meeting occurs within three weeks of submission. This is when I give you feedback and answer all your questions.  This meeting is 1.5 hours long.
  • The third meeting occurs a month after the second. Prior to meeting you will send me your rewrites; which we will then proceed to discuss. This meeting is one hour long.
  •  $725